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You’re in the right spot if you are an active person looking to turn back the clock just enough so you can move better, feel younger and live a life full of travel and adventure.


It’s true…time waits for no one. Your body reflects the cumulative experience of your life: illnesses, injuries, surgeries, joys and heartaches. While there isn’t a magic charm that halts the effects of time, lifestyle, fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand, creating a veritable fountain of youth. I can help you discover new tools and enhance your skills to live your life to the max. Growing older isn’t for sissies, and you, my friend, are now one step closer to living an active life others only dream about.


Think about it – no other generation has lived as long or stayed as active as yours. Even if you feel like you are slowing down, you are at the vanguard of a new paradigm that no longer places limits on what the human body can do at a given age.  In terms of fitness and lifestyle, you are the cutting edge.  Maintaining your health, nourishing your body and staying active are what will keep you there.


Are you feeling that maybe you are starting to lose that edge?  Don’t lose hope! Doctors often say “exercise is medicine,” even if that isn’t what gets written on prescription pads.  Of the many conditions that can develop as we age, almost all can be prevented, or helped, with simple (but not easy) lifestyle changes.  You know that change is hard, but isn’t that why you are seeking a coach?


As a qualified professional fitness and nutrition coach I can help you find the unique path that really works for you.  No matter your fitness level, if you have the desire to move better, feel younger and stay active, I can help you.  If you are ready to thrive and make the commitment to changes that will last your lifetime, explore my website and be sure to schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call to identify your next steps for eating better, moving better and feeling better than ever!



Debbie North helps active boomers feel fit and confident as they tick things off their bucket lists.  No one gets to mid-life without health, fitness, or weight challenges; how you conquer the second half of life is profoundly influenced by the quality of what you eat and how you move.  Offering compassionate accountability, Debbie has guided clients through lifestyle changes to lose weight, gain strength, complete triathlons, travel the globe, ski with confidence and take active vacations.  Debbie has lived in the western U.S. for over 25 years and her happy place is at 10,000′ in the mountains. 


  • set goals and find your inner motivation
  • reveal your unique superpowers that will lead to success
  • rediscover the joy of movement while building strength and endurance
  • develop a full spectrum of healthy habits for sustainably reaching your goals
  • learn how to nourish both your body and mind
  • find time to stay healthy and strong without losing your mind
  • become mindful and reduce stress
  • overcome obstacles

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