Nutrition For Life

You thought you had diet and exercise dialed in and felt great…until life happened. 


You jumped into a fitness and nutrition program with both feet and were getting into the best shape of your life… until you missed a workout or two, got stressed out, or gave into cravings, and before you knew it that fitness and diet plan went out the window. 

Or, maybe the strategies that used to work to help you stay at a healthy weight and feeling good no longer work for you.  At some point we all realize we can’t eat like a 20-year old, so why do we try to diet like we did when we were 20? 

Our bodies change with time, our activities change with time, and our nutritional needs change also. 

There is a better way to lose weight and stay fit without counting calories, tracking points or exercising until you drop.

Just imagine…

Knowing what you need to feel your best

Feeling at ease in your body

Receiving the support you need to reach your goals

Never having to count calories or points again

Change is hard.  It takes time to build a foundation that will last you through life.  Maybe you’ve tried 6-week programs, or 30-day challenges, or other diets that helped you lose weight fast but it wasn’t sustainable.  My Nutrition For Life program offers you bite-sized lessons to build healthy habits that will help you reach your goals, built-in accountability to help you become an even more awesome you, and…a real live coach to support you and keep you on course the whole way.

All it takes is 15-30 minutes a day (and, yes, you can skip days and go on vacation).  

    CAUTION: If you are looking for numbers or points to count; opportunities to feel shame, guilt or judgment; or gimmicks,         this is NOT the program for you.

    What are you waiting for?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Nutrition For Life?

    Nutrition For Life is a 12-month coaching program designed to transform your approach to food by helping you build the habits and skills you need to lead a healthy life. The program is delivered automatically to your inbox using the ProCoach platform powered by Precision Nutrition, a world leader in the art and science of nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  However, it is not enough to just deliver a program and expect it to magically transform you.  As your coach, I am certified by Precision Nutrition and know well how to guide you, challenge you, and keep you accountable for the duration of the program.  It’s not easy to change your body, but it is possible, and it takes time.  It also helps to have someone on your side when the going gets rough!

    Who is this program for?
    Nutrition for Life is for anyone looking to transform their relationship with food for the rest of their life. It’s for people who are:
    -busy and need someone to guide their journey and keep them on track.
    -struggling to practice healthy habits in a consistent way.
    -tired of fad diets and rebound weight gain.
    -confused by the crazy and often conflicting nutrition advice in the media and and want a simpler way of approaching food and meals.

    If you are ready, willing, and able to try a new approach that goes at a relaxed and very human pace to build consistency in a meaningful way, this program is for you.

    Who is this program NOT for?
    If you are already consistently eating well; are satisfied with how your body looks, feels, and performs; or have all the accountability you need, then this probably isn’t a good program for you. It also isn’t the right nutrition program for figure or fitness models, professional body builders, or high level athletes training for a specific sport.
    What results can I expect?
    Everyone is unique and brings something different to the program, so I cannot tell you in advance specifically what results you will get.  You can expect that, like anything worthwhile that you pursue in your life, it takes hard work, determination and time to succeed.  If you follow the program and do the work for the full year, you will get results. But you have to commit to making small strategic changes in your life.  Change is scary and it can be uncomfortable. That’s why this is a coached program with access to a real live person who will never leave you on your own to figure things out. Once you make the commitment, I will be with you every step of the way to help you learn everything you need to look and feel your best.
    What technology do I need for an online coaching program?
    If you can use a computer, send an email, and talk on the phone, you can do this program!  Nutrition for Life is simple to use.
    How much time will this really take?

    We are all busy, but think of this as way to reclaim your time and improve your quality of life as you reach your goals.  The lessons and habits won’t take more than 10-20 minutes a day.  That said, once you start on-line coaching, you will notice you have:

    • More time: no more traveling to appointments or classes
    • Complete confidentiality: no more public weigh-ins or discussions
    • Freedom to roam: log on to complete lessons or call in from wherever you are in the world.
    • No more excuses!
    How much does the program cost?
    Nutrition for Life is only $99/month for the nutrition and lifestyle modules. This includes biweekly coaching calls and direct messaging through the program platform.  If you wish to have workouts integrated with your experience the cost is $149/month.  Billing is made through automatic monthly payments.  The first 3 months are non-refundable; you may choose to discontinue the program at any time after the initial 12 week period, but our hope is by then you will be already making great progress towards your goals.
    What is the guarantee?
    We have found that those who stick with the program for 12 months and complete at least 70% of the lessons and habits notice dramatic improvements in how they look and/or feel by the end of the program.  If you finish out a year of similar (or greater) consistent effort and do not experience any positive changes to your health or wellness, you may request a refund.