Work With Me

Together we’ll find the unique fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle solutions you need to feel good in your own skin and live your best life moving forward.

Worried about losing your hard-earned strength and flexibility?

Join my Strong & Confident strength training group to build the stability, mobility, and strength you need to power your adventures.

Debbie North and her husband run a race by Lake Tahoe

Frustrated that your weight loss methods no longer work?

Your methods need to match the body you have today. We’ll find the perfect blend of movement, nutrition, and lifestyle changes to support you.

Afraid to get back to exercise after injury?

I’ve been there and back! That’s why I have extra credentials in Functional Movement and Pain Free Performance. Let’s build you up so you become unstoppable.

A woman heads onto a wildflower-filled and tree-lined hiking trail

Want a taste of my coaching style?

Check out my 12-week Midlife Reset Program, designed to help you ditch the diet mentality, take charge of your health, feel great, and get inspired for what’s next.

Debbie North and her husband and daughter smile for a photo on top of Mount Whitney with the National Park Service mountain marker between them

Don’t fit into any of these categories?

No problem at all! Send me a message. I’d love to find a way to help you.