Reviews from True North Training Clients

I am loving the freedom I feel – food no longer controls me or takes up so much brain space and energy. I like knowing what works best for my body and staying in my lane so even with health issues I can practice healthy habits and work on consistency.  Debbie has helped me identify the stumbling blocks that have stopped all of my quick starts in the past.

– Anne H. (June Lake, CA)

Debbie helped my mindset change from feeling helpless to taking control of the steps to be stronger and healthier overall. She always guides me in a thoughtful and thought-provoking way, and I know she really has my best interest in mind.

– Beth W. (Lebanon, OR)

I gained a reliable friend, one who is not judgmental and one who just helped me conquer a goal I have been consistently failing to achieve on my own for many years.

– Nancy L. (Corvallis, OR)

Debbie is skilled at meeting you where you are at and helping you scale up as you get stronger. It can feel really embarrassing and vulnerable to be out of shape – the self judgement can be overwhelming. So I really appreciate the accessibility of Debbie’s exercises combined with her positive encouraging warm smile.

– Debbie D. (The Netherlands)

I’d been suffering from severe scoliosis which led to chronic sciatic pain and a weakened core. Each time we met, Debbie always asked about my pain level and adjusted each session accordingly. As a result I got strong enough to be able to handle extensive back surgery and the recovery that followed. 

– Carol P. (Long Beach, CA)

Debbie engages her clients in a professional, super-knowledgeable, friendly manner that yields results! I feel confident in her knowledge and her way of explaining each exercise and why we are doing them.  She creates a fun, relaxed atmosphere and shows us the most amazing stretches after we’ve worked hard.

– Robin L. (Mammoth Lakes, CA)

Debbie is a kind, knowledgeable, encouraging coach (yet can be tough when necessary!). Her process is a gentle slope to wellness. 

– Chris B. (Laurel Park, NC)

Debbie has helped me with nutrition questions, personal training, exercise modifications and motivation. She is always willing to figure out a way to modify activity around my various injuries to keep me active. I would highly recommend her not just as a “trainer” but as a life coach to help you get the most out of your days.

– Leah W. (Mammoth Lakes, CA)

In as little as eight months, I noticed a transformation of my strength/muscle and my husband who had very little balance and back injuries has had an injury-free Spring/summer/fall. His balance is now absolutely impressive! Debbie is the first trainer (and I’ve had several) who has paid attention to the human anatomy details of our personal strengths and weaknesses. She truly brings us happiness!

– Julie T. (Mammoth Lakes, CA)

What a wonderful trainer! Debbie offers encouragement, versatility and amazing suggestions. She got me back on track and feeling strong, fit, and motivated.

– Nancy K. (Santa Barbara, CA)

Debbie is an exceptional trainer as she has in-depth knowledge and experience to adapt her programs to what I personally need on any given week. While anyone can go to a gym and work out, she puts it all together in such a way that it improves strength and functional movement.

– Madeleine B. (Mammoth Lakes, CA)

I’m 65 and Debbie emphasizes functional movements which are important to me as I age. I also like the fact that she adapts the workout to how I’m feeling or what I need at any particular time – it might be restorative, cardio, strength training, flexibility, nutrition advice or an occasional pep talk. I love working with Debbie and highly recommend her.

– Chris N. (Palm Springs, CA)