What clients say…

My favorite aspect of working with Debbie is her vast knowledge of functional movement and structural alignment. She’s a master at building progressive activity to develop better posture and safe movement with exercise. I love how her knowledge base can cater anything to your needs, goals and state of being on any particular day. Some days we do cardio, others we do weights, and on days where I need more restoration she expertly works on stretching, balance and postural realignment with functional movement. I have many pre-existing issues that require modifying during exercise, and with a background in occupational therapy and rehab sciences, I’ve generally thought I was good at adapting. However, working with Debbie has shown me that there are so many more exercises I can do! She’s taught me that my physical potential is greater than I realized. I highly recommend Debbie, and not just because of her well-rounded expertise in nutrition, kinesiology and exercise science across the lifespan. I recommend her because she’s great at gently pulling you along and showing you aspects and potential within yourself that you may not have realized was there.

Kasa Zipfel, OTD, OTR/L, E-RYT 200

Debbie is the best trainer we’ve ever experienced.  She studies her students to produce the most effective (and fun!) moves to help us function to the max, no matter whether we are in shape or out.  She never stops learning so she can bring the latest research and techniques to her clients. She knows how to tweak exercises and movements in just the right way so we can stay active and feeling good despite old injuries or cranky body parts. We look forward to her teaching, and even when we are feeling “unfit” we always feel energized and able after the session with her.  She has created a series of exercises just for us for travel, or to do on our own between our times with her.  

Ted and Kay Stern

Santa Barbara and Mammoth Lakes, CA

Nutrition for Life is fun and easy-to-follow, breaking down nutrition and health into bite-sized (pun intended) pieces. The lessons offer daily inspiration and helpful tips in playful and practical ways. My coach, Debbie, is consistently positive and encouraging. She reminds me of my progress and what is working for me and gently encourages me to the next step. What wonderful support in reclaiming a healthy life!
Diane S., Oakland, CA

Debbie is simply the best! Her cheerful attitude and personalized help with fitness and balance issues have improved my life. I very much enjoy my training sessions and have benefited enormously from them. I highly recommend Debbie for your personal trainer. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.
Barbara K., Davis, CA

Debbie is great! She does not push. She pulls, gently. She is very supportive of one’s current situation. The program works. Once I learned how what my body needs to feel its best, eating suddenly became easy, and movement became much more enjoyable.  I don’t have to guess or struggle anymore.  All our work together resulted in real health benefits too.  I just got my lipid panel done recently and everything was the BEST it’s been in years!
Carol L., Davis, CA

When Debbie became my trainer a few years ago, I was an out of shape middle aged woman who could not run more than 2 minutes (literally she timed me!). We started meeting once a week doing intervals (alternating walking and running). Three months later I ran (not walked!) my first 5 K. Since that I have done several 5 and 10 K runs and currently Debbie is helping achieve my goal of running my first half-marathon. In addition to meeting with me, Debbie developed  a personal workout program to do during the week when I was on my own. She also taught me the basics of warming-up, stretching and strength training. Thanks to Debbie I am in better shape than I was in my 20s and 30s and I love running! Debbie is a great trainer! She makes you feel you can achieve whatever your goal is without feeling intimidated.
Florence P, Dixon, CA

Few things compare to the positive impact working with Debbie has made on my life. Through a personalized exercise program tailored to my needs, Debbie has helped me improve strength, flexibility, and balance. I feel better, am not sick as often, am stronger, and in less pain. Debbie inspires and motivates on every level and incorporates nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips into a personal training program designed just for you.
Melissa Kay, Davis, CA

I’ve only had a few trainers, but one reason I stick with Debbie is her knowledge about more than TRX.  I came to her for TRX but she also incorporates weights and weight machines into our workout to work on muscles I’d like to make stronger.  Other reasons Debbie is an excellent trainer is that she observes form and technique constantly to ensure I’m getting the greatest benefit from the exercise by making necessary small adjustments, knows when to amp it up as a movement becomes easy for me, and listens. She gave me insights into my hip flexors and exercises to do at home to stretch my right lower back that tends to be tight.  Her knowledge of muscle groups, how they are interconnected and how our body works is invaluable.  I learn something from Debbie regularly.

But results are what count no matter the exercise program.  As I aged, my hope was to retain muscle and bone density.  It was a surprise and so encouraging my bone density had increased since my last test!

Georgia C., Davis, CA

I have worked with Debbie for several years. As a Senior I have found her very understanding of my needs and physical limitations, but at the same time encouraging me to go beyond my expectations and to keep growing in my ability. She is always kind and compassionate as a personal trainer. I have learned a lot about my range of motion and have grown in confidence through a variety of exercises, using strength training equipment, and lifting weights. She keeps me accountable by my keeping a log of my fitness training so that I can see my growth and stay focused on my individualized program. She has many nutritional and life style tips which have proved to be very beneficial for diet and overall healthy living practices.
Liz L., Davis, CA

Debbie cares deeply about helping her clients meet their personal goals.  She asks questions, listens closely, and researches effective tools to help her clients succeed.  She regularly varies workouts to keep them enjoyable and beneficial. She is knowledgable, kind and motivating.  I would highly recommend Debbie to my friends.

Marianne M., Davis, CA

Debbie North is an extremely good personal trainer as she listens to your needs and goals. Exercise is important for me  to stay limber and strong but can be difficult as I’ve had various injuries which make some exercises difficult. Debbie listened to my very detailed list of what I could and couldn’t do and took that into consideration to develop a training plan for me. She encouraged me to continue to try to do more within my limitations and it worked! Before long I could do more than I thought I would ever be able to do again.

I chose her to be my personal trainer because has experience working as a trainer for both young and not so young clients. I needed a trainer who would be understanding and willing to accommodate my limits without pushing me to do too much too soon. She still provided the encouragement I needed to try more as I progressed, which worked for me.

Barbara H., Davis, CA

A few thoughts about working with Debbie:  Most recently I have been walking with Debbie at 7:30 in the morning.  On these frosty mornings she keeps us moving, varying the stretching exercises as we move along a 1-2 mile loop from the gym.  I especially appreciate her innovative approach along the loop, her enthusiasm and her encouragement, always keeping in mind that although we are a group, we each have individual needs.  Recently she noticed that I was tilting to one side; she quietly started walking on that side to make sure I did not injure myself by walking into an unnoticed object or off a curb.
Karen E., Davis, CA