Surprise Yourself!

You never know what you are capable of until you try.  So this week I invite you to try something new – you just might be surprised at what you discover.

Yesterday I managed to surprise myself on a bike ride.  I hadn’t been on a bike in over 2 years since I took a fall that required surgical knee repair and involved a lengthy recovery.  Everyone assumed I must have done something pretty gnarly to hurt myself, but all I did was put my foot down at the wrong time.  Since then, every time I got on a bike, I imagined the accident happening again and I’d freeze. Not fun.

So this past weekend when Yosemite National Park opened its eastern gate to bikes and pedestrians for two days only, my husband and I decided to go for a ride.  We rode 33 miles from Tioga Pass to Tenaya Lake and back.  I felt like a kid again!

It was an absolutely amazing experience to have a national park to ourselves with no cars, no crowds.  Everyone was smiling and friendly…EVERYONE! 

I hadn’t planned on going so far, but the downhills were too fun to pass up. So we had a grueling slog back to the top of the pass (remember I hadn’t been on a bike, let alone climbed hills on a bike, in quite some time) but without cars, time constraints, or other distractions, we could just enjoy the magnificent scenery. 

And I did it. One pedal stroke at a time. Burning legs, sore bottom, and all.  I did it. Now, I’m stoked to consider some other rides (after I get a proper pair of bike shorts!).

The long days of summer are here…it’s good for your health to get outside.  Walk, bike, run, climb, paddle, pack…whatever your jam, make it fun.  You deserve it.

It’s safer in the fresh air, away from crowds.  It’s so good for your spirit. 

This summer I challenge you to try something new and surprise yourself with what you CAN do!  Then see how it changes your outlook on everything else. 

Be sure to tell me about your adventures.  I love to hear them!

Off you go!