Filling buckets and giving thanks

Sometimes I find that living in a five-square-mile town surrounded by wilderness it is easy to become…provincial.  I love my environment, the people I’ve come to know, the ebb and flow of the seasons and their visitors, the great wilderness in my backyard.  But it’s not easy to get to, and despite doing some traveling out of town in August and September, by October this found myself missing something.  The only thing is I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

So I made a little road trip by myself and saw some folks in person that I hadn’t seen in a very long time.  It was a weekend of great food, good wine, deep sleep, lots of coffee, and fun stories as I caught up with friends and family over so many visits that were at once way too short but barely contained in one weekend.   I felt my heart overflowing with joy and gratitude.  Somehow I knew just what I needed to do to fill up my bucket so I can keep giving to others.

Humans need connection.  As much as I crave the wild places where I find no other hikers or skiers and it’s just me, I was just reminded that’s not enough.  Especially when we are living in such interesting times and our attention gets tugged in so many different directions for so many reasons.  It’s our connections with others that keep us grounded, remind us who we are and what we’re about, and replenish us.

I am grateful for all of you – clients and friends and family –  and can’t help but smile when I think how the lines between those categories have gotten so blurry.  It is one way I know I was right to listen to my gut and follow my heart by becoming a coach eight years ago.

Thank you for laughing when we all lose count.

Thank you for showing up to do the work even when you least feel like it.

Thank you for trusting me to guide you on your particular journey.

Thank you for daring to ask “why?” and indulging me when you receive a geeky answer.

Thank you for the million ways you inspire me to keep getting better at what I do.  Never ever stop learning!

Thanksgiving is upon us, followed by the whirlwind of holidays.  My wish for you is that you are able to stay calm in the midst of busy-ness, honor what’s truly important to you this season, and keep your own bucket overflowing.