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Supplements are meant to be… supplemental. What you eat, and how you eat, influences your body in profound ways.

One Simple Change

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Everyone knows they need to eat fruits and vegetables but most of us struggle to get the recommended servings. Making just one simple change can reap enormous health benefits for you and your family.

When You Just Can’t Get Motivated

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If something in your environment isn’t serving you, you can change it.  And when the environment in which you spend most of your time supports your goals, motivation becomes…irrelevant. You will have set yourself up to succeed every day and reaching your goals will become easier.

What the Heck is Healthy Habit?

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Motivation will come and go, goals will change over time (as will excuses).  But what separates the people who achieve their goals for health and fitness and those who don’t are the healthy habits they adopted to match their unique lifestyle, one unglamorous and un-buzzworthy baby step at a time.

Nutrition, simplified

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Simplify How you Approach Nutrition People tend to way overthink everything, including what they eat.  Here are some simple nutrition steps

The magic of doing

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Even when you know what you need to do, the magic is really in the doing, and for that, there is no magic pill. No one can eat or move your body for you. So let’s look at some things that might be holding you back.

You Already Know What You Need to Know

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Did you ever just wish you could pop a pill and lose unwanted weight? Or drink a solution to help you build lean muscle fast? How much of this comes from confusion about what really works? Let’s be clear, there’s no mystery to what works, and you already know what that is.

Is the scale showing you alternative facts?

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When you don’t want to believe what the scale tells you, it’s frustrating! The number on the scale can be misleading for a number of reasons. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you weigh yourself.


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To reach any important goal you need to understand what is truly motivating you. For example, the deep and meaningful goal in weight loss is never about the weight, as in the number on a scale. It goes much deeper than that. When you can tap into that deep reason, your big ‘why’ will help you navigate well the challenges and obstacles that will inevitably arise.