A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao Tzu


Where are you on your journey?

Staying Active?

You are active, or you were active and want to be active again.  You love the freedom of the hills, the lightness of skiing fresh powder, the clean ocean air, sleeping under a carpet of stars in the desert.  Wilderness is calling, but it’s not as easy to do the things you once did and you are wondering if it will ever feel easy again.


I believe we ALL have the ability to move better and move well, so we can move often.  A program that helps keep you moving well will help you feel younger and keep you healthier longer.

Focused on Health?

You put off going to the doctor because you don’t want them to see your weight, or warn you about your blood pressure or metabolic disease. Or maybe you’ve just been told by a medical professional to lose weight and get fit so you can avoid medication.  What can you do when you receive a mandate for vague lifestyle changes and healthy habits that may feel just as foreign to you as it does to your doctor?


I’m so glad you’re here – health issues can be overwhelming! I can help you put the essential pieces together for you in a meaningful and compassionate way that gets you results.  When there are underlying medical issues, I am available to coordinate with your healthcare team.  Change is easy to talk about, hard to do, and impossible to white-knuckle your way through.  A good coach can work as part of a team as well as flying solo, and be compassionate even while holding you accountable.

Losing weight?

Times have changed and your diet has changed, and even though you exercise more and eat less, you can’t lose weight. Our nutritional needs do change with different stages of our lives, yet everyone seems to focus on calories.  What’s the deal with that? Are you tired of counting points and calories and tracking your macros? Then stop, and try something different!


In my opinion, diet is a four-letter word, and good nutrition is essential.  The foundation of good nutrition is made of whole foods and healthy habits that support your health, your lifestyle and your goals, not to mention your preferences and tastes for different foods, and how much weight you want to carry  – in your backpack (of course).

What is Online Coaching?

With technology, the internet, and a phone line, it is easier than ever to have the support

you need to reach your fitness and nutrition goals.   With my online coaching program, you

will have customized, personal coaching from a credentialed and experienced coach



FREEDOM TO ROAM:   log on to complete lessons or call in from anywhere in the world

MORE TIME:   no more traveling to appointments or classes


COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY:   no more public weigh-ins or discussions

My goal is to help you identify and implement sustainable solutions that will help you

stay active and healthy throughout your life.

I work with clients both online and in-person.

However we choose to work together, we will tackle your toughest obstacles as

a team.

All packages will help you:

  • Set goals and and find deep motivation
  • Rediscover the joy of movement while building strength and endurance
  • Eliminate confusion around health and nutrition
  • Learn what you need to nourish both your body and mind
  • Find time to stay healthy and strong without losing your mind
  • Leap over tall buildings and overcome all obstacles using your newfound superpowers

Nutrition Focused

For a nutrition focused approach, learn more here.

Exercise Focused

For an individualized exercise program, learn more here.